• COEP has an extended campus for PGDERP course in Vidya Pratishthans Kamalnayan Bajaj Institute of Engineering & Technology, Baramati (VPKBIET) and the same PGDERP course of COEP will be run at this extended campus of VPKBIET, Baramati (Limited to 60 seats).
  • Intake of COEP is limited to 35 seats.
  • Since the number of applications are more and since COEP has limited intake capacity and since VPKBIET, Baramati also has same labs with equal infrastructure and spare capacity, COEP has decided to conduct the same PGDERP course at VPKBIET, Baramati. In which case, the shortlisted candidates may choose VPKBIET, Baramati if they wish to, since same PGDERP course of COEP will be offered by COEP at VPKBIET, Baramati (its extended campus).
  • You will have to provide your preference (priority-wise) for studying at the COEPCenter or VPKBIET, Baramati Center while filling the online application form.
  • The Campus Preference specified by you will be exercised IF and ONLY IF, you are selected for the course i.e. only those candidates who qualify the selection process defined by COEP for this course will be allotted COEP or VPKBIET Baramati campus as per the interview results.
  • In case, if more candidates qualify for admission, then depending upon your preference/choice of the center, allotment will be made. However, the allotment/admissions to any of these 2 centers will be based on your merit and permissible intake.
  • The fees of the course will be same at both places however, when face to face learning resumes, candidates who are allotted (as per merit) will be provided free accommodation on Twin Sharing basis at VPKBIET, Baramati till the completion of the course.
  • Depending upon the intensity of spread of COVID 19 pandemic the mode of instructions for first two semesters will be decided.
  • In case of online mode of instructions, it is expected that candidates will have their own desktop/laptop at home with suitable internet connectivity, so that they can take all the classes online.
  • Access to the necessary SAP software will be provided to each admitted candidates on his/her desktop/laptop so that he/she can study from home.
  • The Third Trimester which comprises of internship in the industry, the trimester will have to be undertaken by every candidate either virtually or physically in the respected industry allotted to the candidates depending upon the COVID 19 situation.
    Depending upon the location of the industry the candidate will have to work in that industry on live projects and gain hands on experience. This means even if a candidate has opted for studying at VPKBIET, Baramati center and if the industry is located in Pune then such candidates will have to undertake internships at Pune.
  • Thus, for those candidates who are allotted VPKBIET, Baramati center, their stay will be limited till Second Trimester since the third Trimester will be in Industry and Industries by and large offering SAP are located in and around Pune.
  • In case the industries offering internship in the third Trimester are located in and around Baramati then such candidates will also have to continue to spend their Third Trimester at VPKBIET, Baramati.
  • It may also happen that the number of candidates qualifying for the selection process may be less than 35, then all candidates will be admitted to COEP.
  • Whether the candidate is allotted COEP or VPKBIET, Baramati, the Post Graduate Diploma in ERP will be awarded by COEP only, under its name and seal.
  • Please note that whether the candidate who is allotted COEP or VPKBIET, Baramati, the same quality of the education will be provided however for candidates allotted COEP or VPKBIET, Baramati (extended campus of COEP), COEP does not Guarantee any Placement but COEP will certainly provide same placement assistance to any candidate who is allotted COEP or VPKBIET, Baramati center.
    IF AND ONLY IF the candidate is shortlisted in the admission process,will the above clarifications be of concern to him/her.